Volumetric dosing machine with table automatic VOLUMEASY

Volumetric dosing machine with table automatic VOLUMEASY

Volumetric dosing machine
Designed for the filling of fluid, dense, viscous, creamy products with small suspended pieces inside, such as: honey, yoghurt, jams, marmalades, creams, sauces, chocolate, sauces, preserving liquids, etc. as well as all products from the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical etc. sectors. In this case, combined with a foot/leg rotary table. È dotato in oltre di un PLC home made, per la sequenzialità del processo. It requires compressed air, but all microswitches and limit switches are electric, for greater safety and speed. Simple and intuitive, with easy adjustments, it can make from 15 gr to 1 kg of honey simply by turning the crank with the numeric indicator.
Simply, adjust the size of the jar (which takes a few minutes at most) and connect it to the product source, place the jars on the turntable and start! They can have the nozzle to prevent product deterioration.
They work hot or cold
All in food grade material.
Easy to disassemble for washing.

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