Social responsability

The Global that challenges the green

Everyone is now talking about green and following the wave of (politically) correct green, CBE has always pursued it, even at the cost of giving up profitable earnings, because it is in its DNA. It is its essence, the reason it exists. We have always been attentive not only to the environment, but also to people, animals, raw materials and especially the final product.
What we eat affects us in the short and long term. It accompanies us, stimulates us, strengthens us but can also slow us down and prevent us from continuing. To produce healthy food, a green ethics is needed from the very beginning and the processing equipment and subsidies for livestock and agriculture must also complete the cycle.
Our policy of the lowest environmental impact and best cost / benefit ratio proved to be a winner. This is what our customers are saying every day. Belonging to this group is a distinction in the market.

It is always difficult to go against the tide, to challenge the logic of profit, of the immediate. Being visionary, irreproachable, not compromising is unnerving, demanding, weary. But in the end it satisfies.
We do not measure success with turnover, but with customer satisfaction; how many times have we made a difference. Because in the end, after all, in a world of conformists, being the voice out of the chorus, being a leader or out of class, you are always indicated to be followed. Unless you are the fox …

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